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Advertisements are common part of our lives. They surround us all the time. We can see them in the TV, on the billboards, on the internet or we can hear them in radio. Some advertisements are good with a good idea, but some are stupid or intelligable, but they can attract our attention.

People are influenced by the advertisements even if they think they aren’t. Because if they go to the shop, let say to buy for example a toothpaste, they choose the one which they know rather than that one which they see for the first time.

Commercials attack mainly the kids. Because they are small and they want everything what they see. And if somebody in TV says them: you must have this if you want to be the best. And kids go to their mums and say: mum, I want this.

In the past it was a job of models to be on the front pages of magazines. But now, there are more often actress. I read an article about a model who decided to become an actress because she wanted to get back her position on the front pages.

Nowadays many sportsman work in the commercials. They help sell products like sport shoes, drinks, and the other things. They earn a lot of money. Some sportsmen earn much more mooney by acting in the advertisements than by doing a sport. For example Anna Kurnikovova last year earned only 150 000 $ by playing tennis and several million $ by acting.

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